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Dec 4 2011

Perfect Encoding for my LG PW350 Tv


For sometime, I’ve been having trouble encoding files to play on my LG PW350 TV, and a lot of encoders, some caused loss in quality, some had sync issue, and some didn’t work at all, but this seams to get me the perfect result.

$ mencoder input.mkv -o output.avi -oac twolame -ovc x264

Oct 3 2011

checkPTS: A script to detect if someone is trying to hide his presence on the server


I added a new script to the repo “ala-scripts” called checkPTS. This script is to check if any logged in user tried to hide his status by removing his entry from utmp, so if you are online, and you type “w” to check for logged in users, you wouldn’t see him.

This method is used by a lot of hackers (I mean the ones that try to gain illegal access to your box) to hide there presence.

When this happens, the script issues a bunch of commands, and add some log files and send that to me by email (using mutt).

Please if anybody finds an issue in that file, please send me, either here or on github.

May 2 2011

Amman- Jordan Songs


Where did these songs go, they are way better than the new so called patriotic songs.
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Feb 12 2011

Egypt is free – a Great Day for freedom


This song dedicated for Egypt
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Feb 2 2011

Egypt News update


As I’ve been lately monitoring twitter, BBC, and al-jazeera on updates related to Egypt, I created a small page on to track these using YQL and YUI3.
Feel free to use it, and provide feedback.

Jan 13 2011

Announcing YUI 3.3.0 » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog)


Announcing YUI 3.3.0 » Yahoo! User Interface Blog (YUIBlog).

Can’t wait to code :)

Dec 31 2010

Sudoku Helper


Just wrote a simple web page to help me solve sudoku, hope it’s useful to others. I’m using YUI3 in it.

Double click on a number to select it, double click again to unselect, right click to remove the number.  try it.

alaaibrahim/Sudoku-Helper @ GitHub.

Dec 23 2010

YUI 3.3.0 Preview Release 3 » Yahoo! User Interface Blog YUIBlog


YUI 3.3.0 Preview Release 3 » Yahoo! User Interface Blog YUIBlog.

Dec 11 2010

ease me on in, boys


A list of nice music, thought I would share
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Dec 8 2010

Remember to Imagine


It’s been 30 years since John Lennon left us.
On the 8th of december, 1980, John Lennon had been shot in New York by Mark Chapman. I was not even born at that time, I never had the chance to listen to him live, but his words touched me like it touched others.
I just want to remind everyone to imagine.

RIP John Lennon.
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