Can Some Body Explain What Is Going On With The Jordanian Credit Cards

For quite some time Jordanian Credit Cards stopped working, I was trying to buy something through the Internet, but all this failuer emails are driving me nuts.
Also a friend of mine was trying to buy some domains, and it failed too, well He and I tried 4 differant Credit Cards, a Visa and 4 MasterCards, until this morning, he discovered that he lost most of the domains, as someone else took them, well if you saw him, you would know how does he feel.
Also it seems that Ammar is also suffering from the same problem.
So is there anybody out there that could explain what the hell is going on. Or at least when this problem is going to be solved.

My Career Path

Sometimes, I just ask myself, why I don’t have that job, where I just leave the office when it’s the end of working hours, have nothing in mind about it, just like a normal guy, or have this routine work, with just a minor responsibility. Well I’m writing this to remind myself whenever a thought like this pops out in my mind, it’s simply because I GET BORED EASILY. Continue reading My Career Path