My Career Path

Sometimes, I just ask myself, why I don’t have that job, where I just leave the office when it’s the end of working hours, have nothing in mind about it, just like a normal guy, or have this routine work, with just a minor responsibility. Well I’m writing this to remind myself whenever a thought like this pops out in my mind, it’s simply because I GET BORED EASILY.
For quite sometime, it has been boring here, lot’s of work, but nothing seems new to me, most of the problems were like some other I faced, I’m trying to do new things, but it happens that everything is working smoothly, with no problems to mention, just some small tiny ones that you could know the solution the moment they show up, nothing challenging. Until, recently, before a few days, I had that problem that was at some point ignorable (you can turn around it in someway), but it wasn’t that easy to solve, I decided to tackle it down, and I did it, I solved it, and damn that feels good, I didn’t feel that way for ages.
I just remember my feelings when I wrote my first BASIC program (well we all started somewhere), when I founded how to mount fat drives in GNU/Linux (well I had no Internet connection back then, and no one around me knew anything about *nix systems), when I compiled my first multithreading application on C, when I installed my GNU/Linux from scratch (compiling everything), and it booted up well, when I wrote my first AJAX application, and the moment I solved that problem. And it really feels good, it gives you the energy to keep going.
Also, I choose this path, I wanted to study computer science (my second option was psychology), and I did, (even though I wanted to be a system developer, getting low level, and hacking the kernel, and I ended up as a Web Developer), but I love doing what I do.
So to remind my self, I love to be challenged, and what I love more is putting my magic on it.

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  1. why am I not a dancer?
    why am I not a singer?
    thats my friend and I…every single day of the year..
    it is the challenge,and the difference you make.

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