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Call me Mr. Professional

Well, yes, sometimes I don’t act in the best way I can, but sometimes I think people don’t know what does the term Professional means. Well, almost everyday I get a call from someone, who has a job for me, either a free lance or a position in some company (and I don’t know where the hell do they get my phone number, is it published somewhere I don’t know about), and I make it very clear that I’m not interested, and of course if I didn’t answer, they try again and again and again. Usually these phone calls ends with a request that if I know someone who is interested to let them know, and actually I do that. One of these guys, had a project, and I made it very clear that I’m not interested, but he kept bugging me trying to convince me, and of course he made that request, and actually I gave his contact to another 2 guys. He kept calling me asking about contacts and stuff, and for almost 2 weeks, I kept ignoring him, until today, he left me a message on my voicemail, telling me how much unprofessional I am for not returning his calls and ignoring him. Well I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t it your job to look for the people you want, aren’t you the one who is in need for them, not me, and do you think you “Mr. Professional” that it’s professional to let people who made it clear to that they are not interested, by wasting their time trying to make them do your job. I don’t know, but what does this sentence means, “I AM NOT INTERESTED”, cause if it means any other thing than it sounds, maybe I should change it, use another wording or something.

Can Some Body Explain What Is Going On With The Jordanian Credit Cards

For quite some time Jordanian Credit Cards stopped working, I was trying to buy something through the Internet, but all this failuer emails are driving me nuts.
Also a friend of mine was trying to buy some domains, and it failed too, well He and I tried 4 differant Credit Cards, a Visa and 4 MasterCards, until this morning, he discovered that he lost most of the domains, as someone else took them, well if you saw him, you would know how does he feel.
Also it seems that Ammar is also suffering from the same problem.
So is there anybody out there that could explain what the hell is going on. Or at least when this problem is going to be solved.

Our Slavery in the 21st Century

“Finish it by the date, and you will all get a big bonus” he said. Poison was written all over these words, we knew that it was impossible, but we had hope, we all needed that money so bad to do all what it takes to do it.
The last days were like living in HELL, no sleep, no life, nothing but work. and all those obstacles were thrown in our way, we tried to pass them all, we wanted to finish it, but now it’s over, and it’s all our fault.
Well, I’m not going to blame anybody but myself, I won’t gamble on my life again. I remember in the hours of the dawn yesterday, when all hope was gone, the only thing that I wanted is to throw everything and to go home, but when I looked in your eyes, with the hope is still in them, I knew I’ve been a source of depression for you, but the only thing that kept me was you, I didn’t give a shit about that stupid bonus, I wanted to go on for you guys.
You know, when I take a positive look on what happened, the only thing that I see is that we were a team, and a hell of a team we were, we’ve held each other when we were down, we helped each other in every possible way, well thank you guys, I’ve never felt that I’ve been in a team, as much as I felt it with you, thanks.
In the end, I’m just down, I’m feeling so f****** down.

Ma3eesh Masary

Well, for a long time, I believed that the important thing is your work, your personality, and money always came in the second place, for me I believed it’s only a tool.
As from the last period, I found out, that I was mistaken, if you don’t have money, you are nothing, you are the amount of money you have.
You don’t have to pay money, you only just need to have them. In a situation you would be discussed to be accepted, another one (who has money) would be accepted without negotiation. I really hate these things, until lately I felt really discriminated by it, although I deserved a thing more than another one, the other was accepted (he really has a lot of money), maybe I cannot judge what really happened, but I felt it this way, it was really annoying to me.
I guess, I need to join Fight Club.

Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt at Fight Club):
Advertising has its taste in cars and clothes … working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need.
We’re the middle children of history, man.
No purpose or place.
We have no Great War … no Great Depression.
Our Great War is a spiritual war.
Out Great Depression is our lives.
We’ve been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars.
But we won’t, We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.

Once I Had a Friend


Dear Ra’afat,
I know you won’t receive this letter, but I’m writing it to you anyway.
I know it’s been almost 3 months since you’ve gone, but your memory just cannot fade away, I almost cry every night for your loss, It’s really hard for me to imagine the world without you living in it.
Do you remember the night when we bought these, I’m keeping it close to my heart, well of course you remember, at that night we both knew that seeing each other would not be easy anymore, everyone of us has to take care of his business, and the business that both of us were in was ended, I remember your words that night, you told me that we should keep them as a memory of each other, in case we did not see each other again.
Do you remember the last night you were in my house, you came to me that night, and slept in my house, we spoke a lot that night, we spoke about a lot of personal stuff, I guess you still remember all of them. At that night, you kept listening to the song Hello, you’ve listened to it over and over again. Now every time I hear it, the tears just start to wash my eyes, I can’t hear it anymore.
Why did you have to go? Why did you have to leave the world like this? What was the reason for your death? Is it because some moron wanted to kill people? Is it because you had to go to work that day? Is it because you needed money so much? Just why? Nobody gave me a good reason for it.
I still remember the moment when I heard the news, I remember I was in the street that moment, when Baha called me, and told me that you were gone, my legs could not hold me anymore, I remember that I fell in the street, with tears flooding of my eyes, I didn’t know what to do next, how I’m going to live, I still cannot figure the answer, I’ve tried to do a lot of things, but believe me, I’m still having troubles living, just who is going to wash my tears away …
And now the tears are still in my eyes, and nobody is going to wash them while you’re not here.
The other day Baha told me that we were a lot alike, we both don’t talk much, but when we are together we don’t stop talking.
I guess you still remember the song (be 3’orfeh z3’eereh), which both of us used to like it so much, I still listen to it, and I still love it, but after you’re gone, the words have a stronger meaning to me, as for me, it talks about you and me.
You are a martyr, and what difference that makes to me, for me it’s still that I lost you, it’s still that I wont see you again.
May your soul rest in peace,
Your Friend Forever,

In The Memory of Ra’afat Al-Boreeny

rafat_small.jpgThe moment I heard the news of the bombing, I couldn’t imagine that in any chance I know any of the victims, The moment I heard that Ra’afat was there, I just couldn’t … I don’t know.

I remember the first time I saw Ra’afat, I thought he was bluffing that he cares a lot about people, after a while of knowing him, it turned that he really cares a lot … he was a very simple guy, who just want to live a natural life.
I just wish that all of this just didn’t happen, I just wish that he could come back again, I would be waiting for a phone from him to tell me that he would be coming to spend the night in my house … but I just know that this wont happen.

How simple your life could be when you don’t know what’s happening,
How miseries look simple when you don’t know you’re in them,
How painful a misery could be when it takes someone you love.
You would always be in our hearts
Ra’afat Al-Boreeny