Trust No One

If you are a movie fan you would’ve heard this sentence a lot, well for me it was a little different, it was “TRUST NO ONES CODE”, even though I believe in open source and stuff like this, but I had it in my mind for a long time, I wrote almost everything from scratch, I only use my code library.
well for quite sometime, I decided that I might be wrong, there exist people in this planet that are smart, and can do a lot of good job, and they can be trusted. I guess I had to learn the value of this rule the hard way.
everything worked fine, it was like magic, the library I used worked like magic, until the extensive testing time had came …
and wow there was a little bug, so small, that rarely happen, but the system couldn’t go while it’s there, and it was in the library.
OK, let’s fix the library, and who is the criminal that wrote that library, the whole library was built that this bug won’t happen, it was spread all over the library, fixing the bug means changing the whole library, which is not all useful …
and now I had to spend the night rebuilding parts of that system, I guess I learned my lesson, I would trust nobodies code anymore, I would only trust what my hands have done, but I learned it the hard way.


Buy your self a new box

Inspired from a post written by my friend Samer
Thinking out of the box …, I’ve heard it a lot in all of this training sessions I’ve been to, and how you should always think out of the box, and you should know that there is a lot of options out of the box … etc., well in most of the cases thinking out of the box is a waste of time, as there is a lot of options, you can get lost through them easily, and end up trying to do something not related to the first problem, in most cases staying inside the box would solve your problems much faster and more efficient, you can get out another time if you want but the point is to solve the problem.
The main problem in thinking outside the box, is that you need someone inside the box to pull you back you need, as you start flying, and forget the whole box, or even worse, you get lost and don’t know where the hell is that box.

What if the box is to small, so you can’t think in it, but outside the box is so damn cold and wild, also you can’t think there, what should you do? Well I guess you just need to buy a new box, big enough to think in it, and it’s also safe and worm. I guess that is the solution, buy a brand new box. Also you can choose how it looks, how big it is, how is it from the inside … etc. (of course you need money to do that).

well everybody enjoy your boxes.

First Of June (Something New)

Well, it was a rough day, also a lot of new things were done.
First thing launched their new Home Page, it’s really nice, also the NoLimits thing where now you can take an unlimited storage for your email at maktoob, also by the end of the day also Maktoob-Women section (Beta Version) was launched too, it’s really nice.
In the middle of the day I found that Ubuntu at last realesed their dapper version (I’ve been using it for about 2 months through all the alpha beta thing, also my CD’s are on there way :P), well they’ve done a lot of good stuff in it.
In the end of the day I received an email from informing me that Zend Studio Version 5.2 has been released too, I really love this software, it really makes my life easier.
Well I guess there is something new about this June …