Summer Of 2002

Love, Music, and Success, those were the titles I always remember that summer in, it was the glory summer of 2002, the best days of my life.
I really have some kind of depression every year in times like this, cause the only thing I see is the Summer of 2002, and when I look at my life right now, I feel a tear coming down on my chin.
In that summer, I tasted love for the first time of my life, I knew for the first time in my life that life is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I knew for the first time that the smell of air in every morning is more beautiful when you are seeing her in that day. I knew for the first time that one person could make another meaning for your life, and the only meaning would be her.
Also, I can’t forget music, Lot’s of Jazz, and Bon Jovi (Comes with the lovers mood :D). Also spending nights playing music with my friend and roommate Baha, at that summer we discovered that the kitchen is the best place to sit, and enjoy our lives, I can’t forget the nights we didn’t count hours while we are playing music, specially that Marco polo song that we kept on playing it (and with it) over and over again.
Not forgetting My work with the UNFPA, and how that really affected my personality, and taught me a lot of stuff, and it was my highest scores at University that time (well it didn’t mean much to me, but it was part of the party).
Also my great friends, can’t forget anyone of them, all the group, it was a really nice group, but now everybody is in a corner of the earth, I can’t believe that we might meet all once again :'(.
And the summer ended, and everything started to fall apart for me, and here I am with no love, no music, and almost no life.
If 1969 worth a song for Bryan Adams, 2002 worth all the Albums of a life for me.
Those were the best days of my life.