PHP Programmer Vs. .NET Programmer

1st: could you please give me the code that you wrote that does this and that?
PHP Programmer: Sure, I’ll send it to you right away, but be careful, as …, and regrading … etc.

1st: could you please give me the function you wrote that does this and that?
.NET Programmer: What?! I’ve spent a lot of time doing it, do you expect me just to give it to you? write your own code buddy.

Well, it’s not only the PHP programmers (almost all the programmers that work on an open source platforms).

And there are exceptions regrading this situation, in both side. but I’ve specified here cause this is what happened in front of me.
What Era are these people still living in. like I’m asking you to give me the source of some great art. I don’t need your stupid code, there are a lot of open source programmers who are willing to help (even some .Net Programmers)

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