I’ve been reading about this masks that we wear all the time, in some blogs around, and I’m really feeling them annoying me.
For some period of time, I decided to remove all the masks I have (Most of them not all), and I tried living with it for a while, I really lived some period of my life, I was really undiplomatic (it was really fun to tell a guy you hate that you really hate him), I talked my heart, and I really felt free (as in freedom).
But graduating from the university, and going into the market destroyed everything, it’s almost impossible to live in this world without masks. For example, you cannot tell your Boss that you hate him, or that he is so annoying (I thought about it a lot :P). You can’t tell a customer that he is so stupid, or (a3la ma b5ailak erkabo). And as your social life gets smaller and smaller, you have to try to keep what’s left from your friends. So you have to wear a different mask with every group of people.
And man, this artificial life that we are living, I really have a trouble getting into it. But in a lot of this you have to, or you would be the stupid geek living upstairs.
Well how many masks I wear, one for work, one for some other group of people at work, one for walking in the streets, one for a particular people I know, other for some group of friends, another for another group …. etc.
I have this question, am I going to live in masks for the rest of my life? Whom am I living for? Can’t I just live my life the way I wanted it? …
Ich kenne nicht.

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