Once Again I Failed To Fail

After my first failure to fail, now I hold the Zend PHP 5 Certification, it was a tough day day for me, it was like:
I started the second Mock-Up Exam, I passed it, but my results were worse than the first, “OK Ala’a, don’t panic, you might just be tired”, So I went took a bath a done some stuff.
My colleague, who’s supposed to take the exam with me, came online, and he wanted to talk the Mock-Up exam.

Me: but i don’t think that you have enough time left.
He: Do you think so.
Me: it’s 9:30 …
He: Yeah I noticed that.
Me: you have an hour and a half till the test.
Me: Unless you do it fast …
He: do u suggest to review the book! or take the test ??
Me: no take the test, that’s better.

I’m ready to leave, I closed the computer, and went to the door, I put my hands in my pocket, the keys are not there. “Damn, where did the keys go” I thought. I started looking around, I was starting to panic. “Don’t panic, you’ll find them” I thought.
I started searching, that lasted for 30 seconds, and then I panicked, I started throwing everything, and I found the keys, I don’t want to know how did they get there, I was glad I found them.

I reached the test center, everything went smoothly.

My colleague and I started the test.

I’ve answered everything, but I’m not sure about anything, I hate tests, now I have to click on the “End Exam” button. I clicked on it, and a confirmation message popped-up, I was so unsure, I started moving the message all over the screen, until I had the guts to press “OK”. And my longest period of time in this day was then.
“Processing ….”
“What if I failed”
“Processing …”
“I should’ve answered something else”
“Processing …”
“I should’ve postponed the test”
“Congratulations, you passed”
“Yes!!!!” I screamed.
“Congratulations …”, My colleague said.
“Thanks, Hope the best for you”, I said.
“Pray for me”, he said.
“I will”, I replied.

My Colleague gets out of the test room, …., He passed.

WoooooooooooooooW, I’m glad that everything went OK today.

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