Warning – Too Dangerous Together

warning.pngJust listening to one of these songs makes me high, what happens if I heard them all together. But be ware that this would effect you, only if you are a Blues listener, and adore Jimi Hendrix as much as I do.
Well, you think I’m kidding, well if you match the conditions above, try to listen to Once I Had a Woman, OK after you listened to it how do you feel, aren’t you high already, Now if you are not high, well you don’t need to continue, as you don’t match the conditions, if you do, well be careful this can be extremely dangerous, it’s preferable that one of the other type be with you – but of course he needs to shut up, cause these people can ruin everything – in case you needed help.Jimi Hendrix
OK, now go to the second song, Red House, Man that really hurts, It’s really a great one, it could make you high alone too.
So, you’re still a live, ready for another shot, well go for the great Born Under a Bad Sign, this one is going to get you down, it’s extremely dangerous, and you can get an overdose from it, especially after the other two songs.
Of course you can go for other songs after it, but your life might be in danger, so in case you wanted to listen to those 3 songs together put some other songs between them.
I almost took those three songs together yesterday, but a guy from the other type started nagging, and got me out of the mood :s.