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Broken Leg

My Broken Leg
After a week of my leg hurting me so much (for no reason), I went to a doctor, and it came out that it was broken, the problem is that I don’t remember breaking it, or even hitting it with something, so he explained that this kind of fracture is called Stress Fracture, which is a result of overuse of the bone, it happens a lot to the athletes, specially tennis and Basketball players, and to the soldiers.
The thing is I’m not a soldier, and I don’t play Tennis nor Basketball, I hardly play any kind of sports …..
“Do you walk a lot?”, the doctor asked, “Yes”, I answered, “Oh, well that is the reason”. Walking is one of my hobbies, actually I love walking a lot, I don’t do it to lose weight, to be more precise, none of the people I know walk as much as me.Cat
Well, I guess this leads me to the question that I always hate, What is it with the human body? If you don’t walk or play sports, you would have lots of health problems, if you do, you would have this Stress Fracture thing. and getting me back to teeth, you brush them twice a day, and you end up having problems in sleeping from their pain, and looking at animals, My parents have lots of cats, and a couple of dogs, I don’t remember any of them ever brushed their teeth, also I don’t remember any of them having problems in their teeth too.
So would someone explain to me what is it with the human body?


It’s been ages since my last post, I don’t consider this a post, but this is just to tell that I’m still alive, I’ve been so f****** busy, and all the things I wanted to post were depressing, that’s why I didn’t post any.
This period is not over, hope it end soon, cheerz

Back to Earth

Is it really Earth, is that really earth that I’m seeing, at last, after living the last couple of months on Mars, I guess it’s temporarily over, I’m back to earth, I’m afraid that I have to go back again, well it all depends on the Acceptance testing (which is an unsuccessful attempt to find bugs). I hope that everything goes fine.
Well here I am again, on my beloved planet earth.

Our Slavery in the 21st Century

“Finish it by the date, and you will all get a big bonus” he said. Poison was written all over these words, we knew that it was impossible, but we had hope, we all needed that money so bad to do all what it takes to do it.
The last days were like living in HELL, no sleep, no life, nothing but work. and all those obstacles were thrown in our way, we tried to pass them all, we wanted to finish it, but now it’s over, and it’s all our fault.
Well, I’m not going to blame anybody but myself, I won’t gamble on my life again. I remember in the hours of the dawn yesterday, when all hope was gone, the only thing that I wanted is to throw everything and to go home, but when I looked in your eyes, with the hope is still in them, I knew I’ve been a source of depression for you, but the only thing that kept me was you, I didn’t give a shit about that stupid bonus, I wanted to go on for you guys.
You know, when I take a positive look on what happened, the only thing that I see is that we were a team, and a hell of a team we were, we’ve held each other when we were down, we helped each other in every possible way, well thank you guys, I’ve never felt that I’ve been in a team, as much as I felt it with you, thanks.
In the end, I’m just down, I’m feeling so f****** down.

The Machines Gone Crazy

Man, the tears are almost in my eyes. Today when I reached home, I found that the wind had made miseries in my house, it threw everything, it looked like an earthquake hit the place. After tidying up a little bit, I turned on the computer, and damn, the monitor didn’t work, “there might be something with the cable”, I thought, so I tried changing the power cable, but with no use, the situation is still the same, so I approached the monitor, and stuck my nose into it’s back, “Damn!”, I said, “The f****** monitor has burned, she’s f****** dead”, game over.
After 12 years of loyalty, and being the perfect monitor any man wants, it’s the end, she’s dead, she never had any problem of any kind, My GoldStar 1462GN is dead. Also given the fact that I’m almost bankrupt, I can’t afford to bye a new one now.
So, I turned on the fan, to change the air in the room, after the smell of the dead, and BOOOM!, the fan turned into 6 pieces, flying all over the place, I couldn’t explain what happened.
I was afraid to use any of the other machines, as I cannot afford another dead in my house, so I picked up my notebook, to write anything, just doing something, I had 4 pens, and yes, as expected, none of them wrote anything.
AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh, what the hell is going on today, everything is going crazy, aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

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