Actually, I’m not posting this because I have nothing to post about, I have written a set of posts and some key notes, so that I would write them when I have time and mood, but it seems that it’s so hard.
I also put notes for three posts to put on my technical blog, but the same shit happens.

My Leg
So what have happened lately, oh yes, My leg is still stabilized, which had put me to the thing of working at home, and I can really tell you that it’s not fun in anyway, my whole life is a mess right now, my hard movement led to a lot of shit, My house is so messed up that it’s not suitable for human beings anymore, and also, no face to face socializing is killing me.

Another thing that a couple of friends told me that I’m in love, I didn’t know that actually, and I didn’t expect the girl too, she told more than a person that I’m falling for her, and that she needs to be away for sometime, well what do you know, she 7 years older, and totally not my type, and I expected her to be mature enough, and as a friend of me that used to talk a lot, she should have known that I so damn picky that I don’t get attracted to anyone.
what is it with girls, if you’re nice to her, that doesn’t mean you are falling for her, it’s so annoying, like what I shouldn’t have female friends unless I’m planning to have them as girlfriends or something, or not to be even nice to females, well the moment I heard the news, damn, the thing flashed to my mind, if every girl is like this one (which I thought that she was very mature) well this means I’m Casanova by now, damn I hate when this shit happens.

Also, I got a new Collection of music, a very big list of Jazz songs, with some classic Rock and blues, I’m spending lots of time discovering new songs (for me), which are really cool, which leads to looking for other songs for the same artist and evaluate them too :P.
I went to the DVD store the other day, as I was passing by it, and at that moment that my to watch list is almost done, and I couldn’t find a thing to watch, I went to home and rewrote my list, it’s only 5 movies, I’ve watched since then 2 of them, I guess I should look for new movies to watch.
One of my friends who is also a Movie fan, explained to me that I have went to far with the movies thing, I should quit :P.

And in those new days we are planning to lunch a new project, actually today it was supposed to be finished and ready for overall testing, but there was a little delay, part of it was my mistake, as I exceeded some deadlines for the tasks I should be doing, but it’s not always something you can control, you know, I guess I’ve enhanced my multitasking skills a lot, by now I guess I could be working on three codes for three different projects, which are unrelated, at the same moment, I guess that’s an accomplishment.

Well, I guess, this is what have to say right now So …..

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