What IF?

Well let’s start by that History doesn’t understand the question what if, like what if I didn’t quit from my previous company, what if I didn’t drink coffee this morning, what if I studied more before I went to the test, or what if the USSR didn’t collapse? well things already happened, end of story.
Or how about the answer, the world wouldn’t be the same, how not the same? this question has no answer. History has one dimension, and one Trend.
Well, this gets us to another topic, REGRET, e.g. I regret that I quited my previous work, oh really, and what did this made you, nothing, a better sentence would be, By quitting my previous work, I learned that I should appreciate the things I have, I’m not trying to be this positive guy, but it’s a fact regret wont do you a thing, why?, cause things already happened, and you can’t change them.
Everybody have done mistakes in his life, shouldn’t they regret it? of course not, things that happened in your life made you who you are today, they taught you, they shaped you.
Now, lets assume that you can go back in history, you’ve built (or bought) your time machine, and you want to go back in history to change the mistakes you made, well the first thing is that this history is your future not your history, cause you’ve already done that (stupid ha?!), so if you want to go back in history, you should loose everything you took from that time till now, how is that, it’s that you didn’t gain any experience from what happened from the moment your going back to, till this moment, i.e. you don’t have the conclusion that you should regret this thing, so you are going to do the same mistake again, and regret it once again.
OK, so I’ve done a mistake what should I do? well at first, if you are really convinced that it’s a mistake, try to fix it, usually you wouldn’t be able to, cause that is what regret is in the first place, OK now what?, LEARN from it. and stop crying like a baby, regret wont do you nothing.
Another Topic Pops up here, if I where in your place I would’ve done …, stop the crap, the first thing you are not me, that’s a fact, secondly if you were me you won’t be in the exact same situation I were in, cause you where in another situation, that’s history dude, OK what does that concludes us to …, Everybody is the best to be himself, i.e. I’m the best man to be me, I don’t mean that there aren’t people better than me (although there are not 😛 kidding), better is a relational word, someone is better than some one in something specific, i.e. I’m better that the secretary in writing code, and for someone to be himself, nobody is better him.

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