People who affected my life

My life had run through a lot of changes, almost all of these changes were made by my own decision, (some of them were because my life has changed depending on my conditions, but in the end I’m still what I am in the end), my decision was made through my change in the mental field.
from the people I never met, the first one I remember was Irwin Schrödinger, for those who don’t know who he is, he had put one of the most important equations in the history of physics, he made the change from classic physics to modern physics, the most important to me was not what he done, but the when did he do it, and what was he, he was a second year mathematics student, he wasn’t even specialized in physics, or chemistry, he just gave me the thought of that where ever you are, and who ever you are, you can make a change to this world, and you can be one of the greatest this world has witnessed, he gave me the ambition with no limits.
The second one I remember is Karl Marx, Although his great thoughts that he had written, the most important thing for me was mentioned in the Communist Manifesto rewrite, The Communist Manifesto was first written in 1848, when he republished it almost 30 years after, in it’s preface he said a very important thing, he said that he is publishing it the same it was before just for the scientific integrity, although he does not agree on the most of it, when I read that, I just realized how change can be, how every period needs it’s own study, you cannot say something and after a hundred years to expect that it’s still working as when it was put, I really understood what a changing world we live into, and if I couldn’t understand that change, I just can’t live in it.
The third one was Jack London, from his writings I learned a lot of things, I learned how can I analyze the world around me, how can I argue about something I really believe in, and prove myself right (this doesn’t mean I’m closed minded :p).
From the people I’ve met who made a change for my life, there was actually not a lot of people (most of them were girls :p).
In the end I would just like to say, that I just hope, in one day, that somebody says, that Ala’a had affected my life, I don’t know, maybe that’s a dream, maybe I’ve affected some lives before, but I just hope that this happens.