When will we grow-up?

Inspired by a post on Khalaf’s blog about the human rights report, and the Jordanian responses against it.
Well I guess it’s in our culture to think that we are perfect, and we never do anything wrong. We never accept the thought that we might be wrong at some point, if you come to your colleague and tell him that he did something wrong, the first thing that he tries to do is to deny, and if he couldn’t he would start blaming somebody else, or even starts blaming you, even if you have nothing to do with it.
One of the points that I learned during My work with the UNFPA, is if you want to reach to something you should learn from your mistakes, and to learn from them the first thing you need to learn is where did you make mistakes, for that you need to criticize your self and to listen to other people criticism, as they have another points of view, you should listen to them, unfortunately in my live, the only people who criticized me was my bosses (who should to make the job better), and my close friends who really cares about me (as we always had this thing between us), other people thinks that they might hurt my feeling with their criticism, for me nowadays, (it’s something wrong that I do) as I’m bored of all of this, if I criticized somebody, and he just started to deny it or to take the defensive side, as if I was attacking him, I would put him in some list, and would start to avoiding any interaction between me and him (and of course try to ignore his existence), and if it was work we are talking about, (alright I would tell him first) if he took that side again, I would report it to the manager (as he cannot take that side with him), I know that it’s mean, but I just hate this kind of people.
If you don’t criticize, and accept criticism, how can you develop?

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