I’ve been tagged too

I’ve been tagged too
Well at first thanks Dar for you tagging me, so ok I’ll start.
5 things about me (let’s see):

  • I love music a lot (I listen to it almost all of the time).
  • I’m kind of moody, (I’m working on it).
  • I don’t speak a lot.
  • I don’t like to know useless information (I’m not curios about who is walking with whom).
  • I like to spend a lot of time in my solitude.

First part done, ok 3 things I like in others:

  • Being smart.
  • Their body language.
  • Being nice.

And 3 things I hate about others:

  • Acting as a wise man.
  • Spending their lives thinking about how they are going to seduce girls.
  • Blaming others for their mistakes (It’s your fault, you’ve left your monitor on your desk, and then a stupid daaaah).

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I guess I’ve done it right.