I Love /* */ and I hate #

What is wrong with multi-line comments? this is the question I’m asking myself right now, since I started programming I loved multi-line comments, (actually the comments you have to specify where do they end).
My first programming language was Pascal, they had comments like { my comments are here }, then C which I only knew about /* my comments are here */ and I never knew about
// my comments are here till the end of the line
until I learned C++, then Java, and PHP. They all have multi-line comments.
I’ve done work with Perl, and Bash before, and one of the reasons I hate to write Perl scripts was the
# comments till the end of the line
thing, yes I know that you can write multi-line comments as
# comment line 1
# comment line 2

but I just can’t stand it
Today, after hearing a lot about Ruby, (specially after the on Rails thing), well I thought, I should give it a try (given that you should learn a new language every year, and I didn’t do that this year). So I googled it, and damn, those # again, I hate them I really do, I can’t cope with them, I guess I have a psychological thing regarding these comments.
What am I wondering right now, what is really wrong with the multi-line comments? why new languages (except those which are C based) are abandoning multi-line comments, aren’t they cool anymore, or maybe there is some software engineering thing related to this issue.


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  1. no, it’s just another programmer with a “psychological thing” against multiple-line comments…

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