Men & Women

Lately I read some posts either against women, or against men (we even had a discussion in the JP meeting -sorry I came late-), so that is why I’m writing.
Well there are several misunderstandings in this point, the first one, if you want to defend something, you don’t have to fight others, you can just stick to the defending part, another one is the misunderstanding of equalities, Men and women were never equal, and will never be, or there wouldn’t have been women or men, (it’s the natures law), equality always comes in the rights, they are both humans, they deserve to have equal rights as humans.
In a society like ours, women have a lot of trouble living with their rights, there parents are against it, the society is against it, and sometimes the law is against it.
An example of what I see the situation, is like two brothers, one can do anything he likes (he has all the chocolate), and another one always blamed, and everybody loves the other one more than him, what happens here is that the second child starts hating the first one, and the first one starts to believe that he is better than the second one.
They say that women are less intelligent than men, well if you take a kid, and lock him in a room, for all his life, and take another kid and let him play go out, and do a lot of things, in the end, you would have a kid that is less intelligent, and maybe (MAYBE) a smart one, well women in our society are always locked in the room, and surprisingly a lot of them are smarter than a lot of men, which proves that women can be smart, now imagine how smart could that woman be if she wasn’t locked in the room, if she could take her own choices when she was young (without a big revolution in the house), I guess we would have genius women hanging around.
But, in the end this doesn’t mean that they should fight men, all men, well how many mothers ruined her daughters life, how many women criticized with no mercy any movement of a woman to liberate her self, how about not fighting anyone right now, how about we just start of liberating our selves without hurting anyone (except those who try to steal it).
And for those who are against women, well imagine the world without women, well, if you want it in the right path, women can rule us without us knowing, or even with our approval.
I just wish that all of this crap can end, and we start living like humans.

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