Moving Day

I’m now in the process of moving my blog to my own domain, I had this idea for quite some time, and after the week my blog was offline, this idea grew, but yestarday at 4:00 am, I made the decision, I can’t remember how I got the host and the domain, I just woke up today, with a hosting and a domain, I’m now transfering everything to my new host, (I’ll publish when I’m done moving).
I also going to move my technical blog too, it’s better to have everything under your control, not others.
I guess I need a lot of boxes, if you have any that might help :P.

One thought on “Moving”

  1. Eh , walak sho hal faya3a hai , wallah mabroook , its so classy 🙂 way to go , tehri bel 3afyeh inshallah 🙂


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