We Lost More Than 20,000 Dollars Yesterday

Of course we don’t have this amount of money, but we happened to lose them anyway.
Yesterday, in the end of the day, where there is nothing else to do, Aboud and I, opened the TV, and we passed on NTV, where there was a contest show being broadcasted, the prize for the question was 20,000,000 LBPs (13,309.7$).


The question was how many times where the word (الكويت) mentioned, we did our calculations and it was 23. Ok, it’s now the time to call, my mobile was out of credit, and his cannot make international calls. Oh my god we tried to figure a way to call, while the show was running and nobody is giving the right answer. Man it was annoying and that girl who was introducing the show solved it, it was really a sad moment for both of us.

The second question was that Match thing (you have to move one match to make the equation correct), it was for 15,000,000 LBPs (9,982.25 $).
It was like 7 – 1 = 2, it was an easy one simply you move one of the 7 matches to make it one, and make the – a + which would be 1 + 1 = 2, and of course we couldn’t call. Which made the total of 35,000,000 LBPs (23,291.9$).

Immediately after I figured the second question, we changed the channel, as we just didn’t want to loose any other money.

Man it was really annoying.