Shoo Hal Ayam

A magnificent concert held at Mohtaraf Al Remal in Al lwaibdeh, I enjoyed Lot’s of the songs I missed for some of time.
Also a beautiful atmosphere, and meeting Lot’s of people I haven’t seen for quit some time, it was something like heaven for me 😛
This group of musicians included:
Tarek Al Jundy (Bouzouq I don’t know if it has another name in English)
Ihab Abu Hmad (Oud and Classic Guitar)
Ma’en Al Saied (Percussion)
Baha Othman (Classic and Electric Guitar)
Enass Al sa’ed (Vocals)
Ghaida’a Hamoudeh (Vocals)
They played so beautifully some of the songs that I really miss, it got my memories back in time, including:
Adaish Kan Fee Nas (Fairouz)
El Bent El Shalabiah (Traditional)
Eny Ikhtartok Ya Watany (Marcel Khalifah)
Parts of Ana Ahmad Al Arby (Marcel Khalifah)
Shoo Hal Ayam (Ziad Al Rahabany)
Mais El Reem (Ziad Al Rahabany)
El Bahr Bydhak Laih (El Shaikh Emam)
Sharfte Ya Nicson Baba (El Shaikh Emam)
Cuba (Khaild El Haber)

and another magnificent songs.
The place was nice, the audience was good, and the band played cool, what else can a man ask for in this life.
Here is some of the pictures I took there.

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