Shoo Hal Ayam MP3s From Al-Mohtaraf Concert

Upon all the request, I managed to upload parts of the Concert in Al-Mohtaraf, October 2007, on my blog, so enjoy.

Jeet Ahebak [audio:03-Jeet Ahebak.mp3] download

Wala’et Kteer [audio:05-Walaet Kteer.mp3] download

Bala Ma Nsamy [audio:12-Bala Ma Nsamy.mp3] download

Enjoy 🙂


Ya Ba La [audio:14-Ya Ba La.mp3] download

13 thoughts on “Shoo Hal Ayam MP3s From Al-Mohtaraf Concert”

  1. thx for adding these songs, I had no problem to download them. But can you tell me where I can get ALL your songs PLZ?? any CD or downlond them??
    Mothaqafoon , Mais Al-Reem and some others ??


  2. Hey i love your songs, is “Jeet Ahebak” song ziad Sahhab’s composition? and could you please write the composer and lyrics writer of each song? Thanx 😉

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