Are you from the past?

The IT Crowd is one of my favorite shows, it became like an addiction to me, I can never get enough of it.
This is episode 1 from the first season, you can watch it, it’s on google-video.

UPDATE: Google Video no longer exists, so this is the part from Youtube.

Now, it seams that the “Are you from the past?” thing, is faced a lot in the IT world, it’s like either we are from another planet, or we live in a world, where idiots are main population occupying it.
We speak in simple matters, like turn on your computer, but people find it hard to understand.

People refuse to think for a second of what the error message told them, or worse, they refuse to read the error message, but they have an amazing skill of attracting viruses, worms and Trojans. It’s really amazing.

And do you know what the problem is? a lot of these people work in the IT industry, and other people might know them as Computer Experts.

Now the issue is always, how to communicate with them, of course telling them that they are stupid, is rude. But guess what is also rude, telling them to try to learn, or use google, or read the G** D*** F***** Message.
And believe me, they would never learn.

So what do you think? Anybody has any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Are you from the past?”

  1. well, its a matter of mantalety and traditions, may be this is a world wide case but i guess its even worse here in the arab world, we need to learn HOW TO LEARN before making the judgment, i personally faced something like that with even developers in the company where they wanted to ask questions while i knew the answers most of the times but also i didn’t really answer them because i was intending to tell them go and F****ing google it, well, at first they didn’t simply accept this fact but time over time they “at least” started to search for it before even thinking to ask anyone.
    i really think that its a matter of culture, from the first ages they used to learn this way, you go and study that would normally mean “you go and {ubsom} it!!!” without even thinking why and how the hell this is working this way or that way.
    nice post man, and Thanks for your awesome shares, i personally learn a lot from them 🙂

  2. well.. i dont agree… im not into IT or computers, i even think that computers are deamon creatures created by the devils as a means to occupy the humanoid world… still, u IT-people think tat we, non-IT people are stupid bcz we dont read the error messges sent by the devil by his deamons… its ur fault, u should’ve made the error messege in a dancing theme, with plenty of balloons, instead of having that irritating, heart-attacking noise, and the red flags with bones drawn on them… besides, viruses and trojans are fun… they make the deamon cough, and give him a mind of his own, and start dancing!!

    we r not stupid, we make ur wor shinny!!

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