Does it work?

Today I received this weird email:

الســــلام عليكــــــم ورحمــة الله وبركاتــه ….
تحيــة طيبــة وبعــد:
أختي الكريمة ابعث إليك هده الرسالة المتواضعة راجيا من المولى أن تصلك وأنتي
في أحسن حال وتمنيت أن أتعرف عليك وان يكون بيننا كل ود ومحبه وأجمل ما في
الدنيا الصداقة الحقيقية النابعـة من القلــب تكون مليئة بالصــدق والإخلاص ومحبــة
الخير لكل الناس… أنا لا أريد أن أطيــل عليك بالكلام وإنشاء الله بكــون الكلام بعــد
ردك على هذه الرسالة المتواضعـة وأتمنـى أن تبعتي الرد قريبـا وأنا على استعــداد
للإجابة على أي أسئلة ترغبين بمعرفتها وأنا بانتظارك,,,,,
وأتمنى أن تردي على رسالتي المتواضعة بالموافقة أو الرفض دون أي إحراج وأنا
اقدر قرارك بدون أي نوع من الحساسية ولكن أتمنى بموافقتك على الصداقة الجميلة
التي تدوم للأبد إنشاء الله …وأحلى باقة ورد لأحلى عيون تقرأ هذه الرســـــــــــالــة
وأخيرا تمنياتي لك بالتوفيق والحياة السعيدة……
ملاحــــظة : إذا فعلا وافقتي على الصداقة التي ستجمعنا أتمنى أن تضيفي
هذا الايمل عندك الايمل اللي بكون متواجد عليه دائما وهو:

مع خالـــــص احترامـــي
الصـــد يـــــــــــــــــــق

من المؤلم … أن تحب بصدق …وتخلص بصدق …وتغفر بصدق ثم تصدم بنهاية تخذل كل الصدق الذي قدمته ومن العذاب …أن تكتب لمن لا يقرا لك ..وأن تنتظر من لا يأتي لك … وأن تحب من لا يشعر بك …وأن تحتاج من لا يحتاج إليك ..
“ثم تكتشف أن أجمل العمر كان سرابا”

Ok, after you have read this stuff, I have a couple of questions, the first one, does it really work, like is there any girl that would reply to such email, from someone, this is the first time to send an email. Did anybody ever done that and got to meet the girl, or did any girl received such an email and replied, and they meet in the end?

I don’t know where did he get my email, and how did he get the idea that I’m a girl. but it it’s really weird, you know if it was some IM or something like it, well maybe, but through email ????!!!!!

Also, does usual guys do that, as sometimes I feel that I’m an alien from outer space, who came to earth, and he is trying to understand human nature.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Does it work?”

  1. bt3ref it also happened to me

    may be some times guys read ur name 2la2 not 3la2

    ana girls read mine hanon not hannon
    and send me emails like that or add me thinking im a guy…:S

    and to answer u…
    no we never answer such emails 😀

  2. common man, thats a spam email, the content does not matter, its the ping back they were looking for, and now that u opened it 🙂 they know u exist 🙂
    have u ever received an email with: hello friend, known about u from some mutual friend, i live in south africa, i need help in smuggling a zillion dollars, will give u a cut if u help… bla bla bla… thats pretty much the same

  3. Hi Mariam, well it happens that I work in the field of emails and stuff, and I can differentiate between Spam and not, and this is actually not considered to be spam.
    it doesn’t have any images, only pure html, and text. no reference to anything outside, so it won’t ping back to any other site, actually most of the time I check my email by opening a connection on port 143 (IMAP), (command line).
    Also this email is sent to me only from actual gmail servers. which means that this guy is sending emails to everyone by sending an email by composing to each one through the interface of gmail (which is not a good thing for spammers (and not useful). unless he is sending through a curl script. but Gmail (like most webmails) have a security check for this type of sending.
    Also it’s deferent than the usual 419 scam. as these are not trying to offer you money for doing a service.
    anyway thanks for dropping by 🙂

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