5 thoughts on “Shoo Hal Ayam – Mais Al-Reem”

  1. 7asse 7ali celebrity!!
    wala cool man. sar ilna esem o serna zay il 3anjad. i just really hope that we will get stronger and stronger. Really thx Ayham. and thank u ala’a for the e-mail 🙂

  2. I LOVE!!
    can’t wait to hear you live again..
    that’s one of my fav. tracks 😉

    good luck you guys, you’re all brilliant.. wish you the best!

  3. Thanks Amjad, Glad you enjoyed it, although I thought that Baha might have bugged your life with it 😛
    Enas, well you are a celebrity, 😀
    Amal, thanks for your support, hope to see you once again in Jordan, soon.

  4. Good Band, fantastic players, amazing team.

    really i got a nice time seeing your activities, i hope a big success for you.
    good luck man, good luck

    best wishes for you & your band

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    echo ‘good luck’;

    infinite loop

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