What a Night

Oba Oba, I love this woman, do you know what does it feels like when you spend all the night doing nothing but listening to music, especially when it’s performed by Stan Getz, sang by the great Astrud Gilberto, and originally wrote by Joao Gilberto, Oh Dindi, and There is no one like you, (taken from the spirit of Chopin‘s Prelude in Em).
I love you more each day, yes I do, I’ll let you go away, if you only take me with you, and the Girl From Ipanema, takes me to other worlds, no one else can take me to, and How Insensitive, I must have seemed, you didn’t have to be so nice, I would’ve loved you anyway.
And in the end comes Ziad, in his Brazilian concert, with Sho B7ebbek, and his own version of Prelude in Em.
Every time I wanted to shut down the computer, another great song is played, and of course I could do nothing.
Thanks for this great night, of course this is not my first night like this, but I guess this is the first time I write about it.

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