Open You Windows To Freedom (ReactOS)

While surfing the Internet last night, I reached some sites talking about a free (as in freedom) clone of MS Windows called ReactOS, ReactOS is an effort to create a Free Software replacement for Microsoft Windows(TM) that is compatible with existing hardware and software!
A good review for the product can be found on The NeoSmart Files here.
Well, it’s still in an alpha version, but they seem to have a lot of good work done.
Now to my point of view, for GNU/Linux which is based on UNIX, the root is not a proprietary to anybody, it’s based on the POSIX standards (which the only UNIX that doesn’t comply them is Sun Solaris, I don’t know if Sun ever heard about it), so any change in UNIX is not forced to be done by the GNU team, when it comes to ReactOS (also WINE) I guess this is going to be a problem, there root is Microsoft, which means any change Microsoft makes, they should do it too. Also would it be really free, GNU/Linux was a crowning achievement in the free software world, because it eliminated the one remaining barrier to having a 100% free software environment on your computer. ReactOS isn’t leaning that way, because even though it’s shooting for a free kernel, O/S, and GUI, you’re still doing it in the service of proprietary applications.
Anyway, I guess I’m going to try it soon using VMWARE, and surly I would post my feedback.
And remember, A computer is like air conditioning: it becomes useless when you open windows.

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