Sharing called Piracy

Most of us, have been taught to share, if you have candy you should share it with your friends, but what about software, not any software, proprietary software ???
In the terms we have on the planet these days, if you share proprietary software, you are called a pirate. which implies that illegal copying is ethically equivalent to kidnapping and murdering people.
Who believes that sharing software would be like that. So if you gave a friend that has always been nice to you a copy of a proprietary software, then you are a pirate.
For me I never believed so, sharing is good, even if it’s proprietary software, so instead of calling it piracy, I urge you to call it something like “Prohibited Copying”, “Unauthorized Copying”, or my preferable “Sharing Information”.
For me, I don’t use proprietary software, and if someday I would, I won’t mind sharing it at all