The Terms And Conditions

That day I got a notice from a site that I rarely used (but I had an account there) that I’m breaking the law. and if that happens again they are going to delete my account (who cares), so I took a look at the terms of service they have, and just gasped (Oh My God, are we still living in that age), so I didn’t wait tell they delete my account, I did it for them.
I’m not going to mention all the terms of services here, but just picked one by random

Not to mention any subject that involves violating proxy, or hacking emails and websites, or even spying on other users’ PCs.

I don’t know, I guess these things are over, or maybe I’m living in another planet for the last 5 years, I think that those things are called security tips, this black/white hat thing ended ages ago. If somebody has a security bug, everybody has to know, so they would avoid using it, until the bug is fixed