Random Crazy Weirdo Thoughts

Justice is Blind. Justice halls painted green. Does he have the right to do something?
From the beginning of the previous century, the terms right and wrong, good and evil, had a lot of troubles surviving, these terms needed some kind of relation to something, you can say this thing is right for some kind of culture or religion or any kind of ideology.
In the end they depended on power, the one who has power, is the one who has the right. Like did the US had the right to invade Iraq? Well depending on our culture, maybe not, but did that matter, they invaded it anyway, and who could’ve stopped them, depending on there power, yes they had the right.
And now the question that is lately so much asked, did this Danish newspaper had the right to publish these cartoons? Till now nothing is clear, as the forces are not really visible. And does freedom of speech allows them to do that? well if we can get a couple of years before, when Bin Laden destroyed the Buddha’s statues, did he had the right to do so? Well it appears that he had, nobody had complained. Like Buddhism is not a religion or something, and he did not discriminate them. Every day in our life a lot of people discriminates Buddhas, Hindus, Maharishis …, and you know that is not discrimination, as those people has no power, and depending on our culture they are wrong, and they are stupid, and they are just a few unbelievers, cause they have gods other than ours, and we also swear at Jews, even in the fact that it is forbidden in Islam, but we consider them as enemies of god, even they believe in god, and we also consider them to hate Muslims, forgetting about some Jews who supported us and our case (Like Felicia Langer), but who cares, they don’t complain about it here.
I remember before a couple of years, I was watching Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC, where I don’t really remember whom he was talking to (I guess it was Chris Rock), who said that this is the end of time, implying somethings about the current time (I remember that he said that the best rapper is white, the best Golf player is Black, France is accusing US to be arrogant … etc.), well I guess it’s really the end of time, US is teaching Europeans how to respect religions, Britten is accusing the rest of Europe with being Racist (which the Britons were always not ?!), the Arabs are teaching Europeans the freedom of speech, And Syria is the first country to take her ambassadors out of Denmark between the Arabs based on a religious issue, Man it’s really the end of time.
And at the end, what does Muslims really want from all of this Danish thing? aren’t we having enough troubles with the rest of the world (Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Iran)? do we need a new one? and what does the other European journals (who republished the cartoons) are up to? and how is it going to end? are we going to forget as usual? or it’s going for eternity?
I guess everything is going crazy around here. This planet is lacking a lot of logic, I guess everybody is going crazy (including me). (Eza janno rab3ak 3aglak ma benfa3ak, If your people are gone crazy, your mind is not of good use for you!).